Deduplication on my Windows 8 Notebook with AX Demo Hyper-V

[Update 6.8.2015]: Caution, at the moment there is no way to activate Deduplication on Windows 10

After reading, and I enabled deduplication on my notebook, saving me lots of space on my precious SSD.

It’s a pity that you cannot enable it on your boot drive, as this happens to be my largest SSD, but my secondary SSD with just 128 GB also benefited from the deduplication. I might reorganize my drives at some later stage.

Here a short summary of the steps required for enabling deduplication on a windows 8.1 Notebook:

  1. Download Windows Server 2012 deduplication package (e.g. here)
  2. In powershell run the following to install the package files that have been extracted into the current directory
    dism /online /add-package / /  / /  / /
  3. The to enable deduplication run this powershell command
    dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Dedup-Core /all
  4. Disable Periodic Processing because our main focus will be the deduplication of VHDs
    Set-DedupSchedule -Name "BackgroundOptimization" -Enabled $false
  5. Enable Dedup on your volume of choice
    Enable-DedupVolume D:
  6. Set minimum age to zero as VHD Files will always have recent modifications. (Maybe wait a moment for the previous command to complete.)
    Set-Dedupvolume D: -MinimumFileAgeDays 0
  7. Run Deduplication only when Hyper-V stopped
    Start-DedupJob –Volume D: –Type Optimization
  8. Disable (e.g. before installing Windows 10)
    Start-DedupJob -Volume D: -Type Unoptimization
    Disable-DedupVolume -Volume D:

[Update 6.8.2015 – Removed Windows 8 commands; Add Disable Command; Warning Windows 10]