GDPdU Sample Configuration

AX 2009 offers the GDPdU (Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen) Export in the German Layer for which there is a nice Description:

Länderspezifische Funktionalität für Deutschland: GDPdU_80069A_AX2009.pdf

However, the rest is left completely up to the user to start from scratch. The following is a sample GDPdU definition as a starting point for your configuration (Import using Basic>>Periodic>>Import/Export>>Import)

Definition file: GDPdU Definition.def

Data file: GDPdU Definition.dat

One thought on “GDPdU Sample Configuration

  1. Hi Johan
    I guess that you have solved the problem by now.
    The issue is the unbounded (Memo) Field. The easiest Solution is probably to add a custom display method to the LedgerTable-Table. This display method can be selected in the GDPdU Export.

    Another option is to modify the Wizard to allow Memo Fields (which actually would be Microsofts job).
    Add “sysDictField.baseType() == Types::VarString” to the conditions in the for-loop of LedgerGDPdUFieldWizard.fillFieldNameList(_tableId) then you can select the Txt-Field.
    For the Export to be successful you also need ta add the VarString-Type to LedgerGDPdUDataExport::fillSRecordField(…) method: simply add “case Types::VarString :” immediately after “case Types::String :”.


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