Un-mark transactions marked for settlement


  • If you go to Vendors>>Functions>>Open transactions editing you can identify transactions that have been marked for settlement by the red hand in he "Is marked" column. Un-marking these transactions works only by finding the offset transaction and deleting the link from there.


  • I came across transactions that have been identified as marked, however I did not know where the transactions are marked. The marking was created in one case because an update conflict occurred in the payment journal which cause the processing of the payment, casing the marked offset transaction to be lost but the transaction to be settled remained marked; in another case I think someone started to create a credit adjustment note, but deleted the credit adjustment before completing however the marking remained.


  • In the open transactions editing form (Vendors>>Functions>>Open transactions editing or Customers>>Functions>>Open transactions editing) and find the problematic transaction.
  • Go to Inquiries>>Specification and research the offset transactions. Try to un-mark the transaction with traditional means (i.e. Function>>Open transactions editing on the sales order etc.)
  • If you find a problem an want to continue with removing the marking then right click on the record in "Open transactions editing", select "Record info">>"Show all fields" and make a note of the Record-Id.
  • The next step must be done in the AOT using the table browser to directly access the data of certain tables. This is dangerous and definitely not good practice. However I do not know better and would appreciate if someone could show me how to do it better.
  • The table SpecTrans contains all transactions marked for settlement. Find th record-id you previously made a note of in the column RefRecId.
  • Delete the found SpecTrans record to remove the marking.

Better solutions?

If you have a cleaner and better solution, please tell me how you do it?

Thank you